Video Conferences Room Solutions


Polycom OTX™ solutions deliver stunning HD quality and clarity for truly lifelike across-the-table conversations that improve productivity, decision making, and business continuity. They are ideal for small to medium-sized conference rooms and executive offices that require immersive HD quality at a competitive price.


 The worlds only fully immersive solution, the Polycom RPX series delivers the ultimate meeting experience, with an all-inclusive meeting environment that brings HD video, audio and content-sharing to a cinematic video wall. The technology is so cutting-edge and simple to use that you can just ignore it and focus instead on the visual quality of face-to-face conversations that are as lifelike and natural as if you were in the same room


 The Polycom ATX™ solution enables ecosystem partners to build custom-designed immersive telepresence experiences using Polycom’s software and technology across a wide range of collaborative room environments and sizes. The Polycom ATX gives you a range of options to choose from so you can flexibly maximize the value of your meeting spaces.