Security Systems



  • Silent operation
  • Double-pole double-throw contacts for multi-notifications
  • Twin 45° screw terminals with EOL resistor splicing terminal
  • Adhesive pads for temporary positioning while installing
  • Stainless steel cover (269R and 269SN)
  • Fully supervised
  • Convenient reset key for testing and/or reset of alarm



  • Smoothing Algorithms
  • Utilizes one long-life 3V lithium battery 
  • Microcontroller runs on an 4.0 MHz clock 
  • Horn operates at 3.3 KHz with sound pressure level of 85dBA at 10 feet 
  • Built-in wireless transmitter, temporal code 3 sound


  • Wireless K-Band DUAL TEC Motion Sensor
  • Advanced DualCore Signal Processing
  • Faster and Easier to Install
  • New longer range patterns allow more wireless options 
  • Colder operation down to -4º F (-20º C) for use in unheated areas 
  • High or low temperature detection


  • 4.7 inch color graphic touchscreen 
  • Resolution 470 x 256 pixels 
  • One hardwired zone 
  • Up to 64 total wireless zones (5800 Series Transmitters) 
  • Supports wireless bidirectional keypads 
  • GSMVLP5 GSM radio option 
  • ILP5 Internet module option


  •  2 x 16 Custom Alpha backlit display 
  •  “Follow Me” alarm and reminder announcements
  •  Supports two-way voice over GSM radio (with the GSMVLP radio module)
  •  Up to 40 wireless zones
  •  Supports up to eight X-10® devices 
  •  Eight user codes 
  •  84 event log 


  • VISTA-21iP hybrid control 
  • VISTA-GSM snap-in radio 


5809 Wireless Heat Det

Honeywell Ademco 5809 Wireless Heat Detector Transmitter

The HONEYWELL-5809 is a wireless heat detector with a built-in rate-of-rise thermostat designed to sound an alarm when extreme temperature increases are sensed.

When the temperature rises at a rate of 15 degrees Fahrenheit or more per minute, the 5809 heat detector will sound an alarm. An alarm is also triggered when the ambient temperature climbs above 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit requires no wiring and is easy to install.

5870API-GY Indoor

Honeywell Ademco 5809 Wireless Heat Detector Transmitter

The 5870API is intended for use with Honeywell alarm systems that support 5800 Series wireless devices. The transmitter is fully supervised and can send alarm, tamper, trouble and low battery conditions to the alarm control panel.

5802CP Wireless Belt C

Honeywell Ademco 5802CP Wireless Belt Clip Transmitter Pendant

The Honeywell Ademco 5802CP is a Wireless Belt Clip Transmitter Pendant.

Ademco 5802MN

Honeywell Ademco 5802MN Single Button Miniature Panic Remote

The Honeywell Ademco 5802MN is a Single Button Miniature Pendant Panic Remote. It comes with a user changeable, long life lithium battery, as well as a belt clip.

Ademco 5802WXT-2

Honeywell Ademco 5802WXT-2 Two-Button Wireless Transmitter Pendant

The Honeywell Ademco 5802WXT-2 is a two button wireless transmitter pendant, ideal for personal emergency response use.

Ademco 5802MN2

Honeywell Ademco 5802MN2 Two-Button Transmitter Pendant

The Honeywell Ademco 5802MN2 is a Two-Button Transmitter Pendant Panic Remote. It comes with a user changeable, long life lithium battery, as well as a belt clip.

Ademco 5883H

Honeywell Ademco 5883H Wireless Receiver w/ High Encryption

The Honeywell Ademco 5883H combines a 5881ENH Receiver and a 5800TM Transmission Module, making wireless bi-directional installations faster and easier than ever before. Since there is only one module to install, installation costs are drastically reduced.

Ademco 5881ENL

Honeywell Ademco 5881ENL Wireless Receiver w/ Low Encryption

he Honeywell Ademco 5881ENL is a wireless receiver that connects to four-wire keypad data lines with low encryption.

This receiver can support up to 8 wireless zones. Using the 5881ENL can help users gain access to additional zonage on their control panel.

Ademco 470PB

Honeywell Ademco 470PB Probe for Water Sensor

The HONEYWELL-ADEMCO-470PB is an external, remote water probe designed for flood sensing. The probe is compatible with the 470-12 Water sensor.

Ademco 5800WAVE

Honeywell Ademco 5800WAVE Wireless Siren

The siren features an output of 95dB and provides the user with periodic status information. A flexible, ergonomic design makes installation a breeze and saves time and space by eliminating the need for messy wiring.